POAGS HOLE 2013!!!


With some help from Tiger Strank and Matt Luna I can realy look forward to an exiting event at Poags Hole the 18th August. I will ride Tiger's CRF 450 and Matt's zx10 powered Hillclimb bike. Thanks to Mike at Poags Hole for helping with all the paper work to run this famous competition.


This will be a big step up from the technical and some times rocky competitions here in Europe. My Nitro bikes sadly has to stay at home this year but I will do what I can to make the trip next year.


See Ya!



Second place individual at the European Championship.


The race were held 12. August in Arett (64) in France.


After the first run I was leading, but not for long. The second run was a not a good one when I tried a new track to go for the top. Thierry Tussaint managed to pas me at his second run and held the lead until the end. My third run was the best when a new track revealed itself. It was not possible to go to the top, but I managed to get the second best result of the day. My last run was now or never... But sadly it didn`t go very well.


Annyhow, I am very satisfied with the second place.









Frame: Gynnild Motorsport, 4130 steel


Wheels: 21" front, 18/21" rear


Suspension travel: 300 front/ 290 rear


Wheelbase: 2000mm + 200mm


Fueltanks: 4 litre Nitro/ 2 litre Methanol


Weight: 150kg




Unlimited bike displacement: 898 ccm

Modified bike diplacement: 637ccm


Startingsystem: External


Transmition: 1 gear only


Ignition: Inductive, High energy


Fuelsystem: Mechanical injection


Fuel: 97% Nitromethane






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